Ties Planet Ties Planet for Cummberbund Accessories for men

Showing some personal style and creative flair can be tricky for the man of the party. Switching up the colour of your shirt is about the most you can you do to jazz up the same suit you’ve probably worn to every wedding/funeral/50th anniversary! How do you add colour to a snappy suit without going disco? Or even just a dash of debonair? Simple sophistication?! Take a leaf from the red carpet crew and get yourself a cummerbund or three. The most subtle colour addition is a Burgundy or French Navy, go for Scarlet or Bright Green if you’re planning on some dance floor moves, and for the black tie – pair with black satin cummerbund for the guaranteed nod of approval.

After all, how come you can’t cummerbund – and Cumberbatch can??

Where to shop you might ask. Well, Ties Planet‘s elegant range of classic cummerbunds are the perfect choice. They offer a full range of men’s wedding cummerbunds, in a wide variety of different styles and colours and a range of plain and satin cummerbunds starting from £14.99.  Of course there is a good selection of matching bow ties and other accessories to choose from. Cufflinks, braces, belts, cravats and pocket squares – men’s accessories for every style and occasion.