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Buying Online from the UK in the EU after 1st January 2021

Firstly let us clarify, UKDIRECT.NET & are Shopping Guides, we sell no products and simply help you find the best deals for UK online shopping from the EU & elsewhere, enabling you to buy direct from British brands & businesses, wherever you are in the world. Our services have not changed, they remain Free … read more

Online Shopping UK Buy from British Stores

Online Shopping UK

Discover and compare more than 220 UK online storesShop Direct at UKDIRECT.NET which offers you the ability to take an online walk down the UK high street, find the cheapest UK online shopping options and save with direct sales & deals on offer. Discover and compare more than 220 UK online shops, most of which ... read more
Launch Shop from Britain Site

It’s official: announcing the launch of our new sister site

We are super excited to announce the release of our new site: Our mission is to showcase curated collections of the Best of British. While this site, is a handy tool to explore many UK stores in one place by way of their profiles and also take a peek at their product, customer feedback told us … read more

Shop from Britain this Christmas

Online Christmas Gifts from Britain with UK and International delivery

Christmas is drawing near and whether you are in the UK, America or Canada and decking the halls with boughs of holly, or getting the Barby ready for succulent shrimps in Australia, it is the time to consider gift ideas for loved ones wherever they are in the world. For those of you with family … read more

NZ Online Shopping Amazon Tax

New Zealand implementation of the “Amazon Tax” confirmed for 1st December 2019

Post Update November 23rd 2019 The date of 1st December 2019 has been confirmed and the full information is available on the New Zealand IRD Website the details of which are as expected. The New Zealand government announces the implementation date of 1st December 2019 for overseas businesses who sell more than $60,000 New Zealand … read more