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Here at UKDIRECT we promote the best of British online shopping sites across many categories and have been doing so for a number of years now. One of the types of businesses often overlooked for shopping online is online chemists or online pharmacies. You may use either word depending on which type of English you are familiar with.

What type of service do Online Chemists or Pharmacies provide?

Anyone from Britain is familiar with the local chemist on our high streets. They offer a diverse range of Health & Beauty products as well as acting as pharmacists for prescriptions and various treatments for most common ailments.

Online these services are often expanded to also offer an Online Doctor service combined with online prescriptions so you may consult with someone about your particular problem and then purchase the required medication or treatment direct from the same website. They also often  offer many other health & beauty products to choose from, this is why we choose to call this category of UKDIRECT;  Health, Beauty & Wellbeing. where you can choose the sub category you are looking for:

Online Chemist / Pharmacy
Online Doctor
Online Prescriptions
Vitamins & Supplements
Perfume & Fragrance
Mother & Baby
Beauty / Cosmetics
Toiletries Grooming

We also promote many UK brands who offer their own Treatments or Health and Beauty products. In this instance you can shop direct with the brand themselves online and make use of their online support provisions. If you have a question regarding a certain product, who better to answer it than the manufacturer themselves? We are UKDIRECT after all and we like to offer these businesses a chance to reach out to you directly.

We also feature British brands and manufacturers of vitamins and health supplements of different types, where again you can shop direct.

So if you are looking for leading, reputable Online Chemists in the UK or indeed an Online Doctor for Online Prescriptions, you are in the right place to decide which is the best option for you.

If you are looking for Health & Beauty products and also wish for the opportunity to buy direct from British manufacturers & brands; UKDIRECT is pleased to showcase them for you.

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