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Our aim is simple, to assist people from wherever they are in the world to Shop For Britain and be able to find UK Online Stores easily. for those wishing to do a spot of British Online Shopping we have created the UK High St Online solely for British Brands and Retailers from all over the country to come together and offer a UK online Shopping Mall with International delivery also available.

The UK has a long heritage of shopping from the British high street in one's local town or city. In the recent past you could take a walk down your nearest high street and find and buy from a rich assortment of stores selling all that one could wish for. It was easy to shop from Britain, there was a diverse mix of national retail chains and smaller independent stores and brands selling their wares.

In recent times with the advent of online global retail corporations and with supermarkets offering an ever expanding range of products in out of town locations, the British shopper has been led away from taking a walk down the UK high street on a Saturday morning. The outcome of this trend is that the hearts of Britain's communities are in decline and smaller businesses are struggling to survive, let alone start new ventures. (We delved deeper into the reasons why in this article on Buy from Britain – here's why and how). That all being said there remain a large number of British brands and retailers offering quality products and first rate customer service spread throughout the country. Many have been in operation for several generations, some are new and innovative, all providing you to be able to shop from Britain online and buy direct from UK online stores, wherever you are in the UK or indeed the world.

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Why we started this shop from Britain campaign

Being an expat Brit gives me the perspective to look at things objectively. I see Britain from outside, from afar and see the changes over time. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, hmm well…. the world looks on with astonishment at the moment (September 2019) and any Brit should feel some concern at the very least. I felt a need to do something for my country which is in turmoil and with the experience of finding it very difficult to shop from Britain and easily find stores to compare and shop from UK online stores whilst overseas. I set about with the help of my wife to address that problem. My premise was simple enough, to create the British High Street online to allow anyone, anywhere, to Shop from Britain online easily, which of course includes those living in the UK. Rather than online shopping being a threat to a local business, it should be a benefit. The world is a big place, the population huge and ever increasing: we set about opening shop windows for individual stores to this market to allow anyone, anywhere, to “take a peek” at what UK shops have to offer; be the shopper living in Leeds, Lisbon or Louisiana.

Our aim was to offer a customer the ability to make informed choices of where to shop, take an online walk down UK high streets, a UK online shopping mall so to speak. We wanted to enable you to “take a peek” in store windows at a selection of indicative items, explore the sales and choose which shops suited you. Then enable you to walk in the door to explore further and buy from that business directly. In this way I surmised we could help local businesses all over Britain and directly assist in supporting local communities. As it turned out as we grew, larger UK brands wished to join also. Similar principles apply, if you are buying from a British business directly you are supporting employment and tax revenue for the country in general. To keep things fair we committed to offering the same free promotional opportunities to all, so smaller businesses would stand on an equal footing with large iconic brands. The majority of businesses we promote have “bricks and mortar stores” however for those businesses without a physical shop window and solely offering a customer the ability to shop from a UK online store, we also did not discriminate against. The main stipulations were that the UK online store was owned by a reputable, registered UK business, based in Britain and international shipping was offered to at least include the EU, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In practice the majority offer worldwide delivery.

Shop from Britain with UKDIRECT
Shop from Britain with UKDIRECT

UKDIRECT.NET allows you to take an online walk down the UK High Street

Whether you are wondering where to buy gifts to send to someone in the UK or to send something from Britain overseas you will find a variety of choices in our British online Shopping mall. If British fashion trends is your thing, be that for clothes, shoes or accessories you will find a varied selection of British brands and retailers to choose from, from all over the country. Visit the British Clothing and Apparel search page,  or we have made shopping super easy for you by offering you the opportunity to discover where to buy from the UK clothes for Women, Men and Kids and also high end Designer brand options. There is also a fine selection of Shoes, handbags, jewellery, homeware and much more to choose from. Select the category and you will be presented with a summary of UK online stores in that category. You can also further refine the results, say you are looking for dresses. Choose this from the filter options at the top of the page. Select a store you like the look of and simply go to that store's “shop window” profile and take a look at what they are about and have to offer. Be it current deals or sales available, shipping details etc. before deciding to click and enter that store to browse their full range further and buy direct. We also promote stores that offer:

“Outlet” is like window shopping for what's on sale from UK Shopping sites

Throughout the site you will find “OUTLET” products on sale, be that for a store or for a certain type of product and department. Cumulative together the stores offer many hundreds of thousands of products on sale and we only offer a curated collection. See something you like or at a price you like then simply access the store via clicking on that product to go to the store's website and browse their full range. Though I stress again the choice here is fairly limited and if you are seriously shopping, doing so by store is the best way to go, just as you would walking down the UK high street.

Take a Peek and Shop UK Online Stores
Take a Peek and Shop UK Online Stores

We hope that we can successfully help you find what you are looking for from British Online Stores and invite you to have a good look around and find out what the site offers. You will find many ways to explore the UK online Shops in this British online shopping mall and find what you are looking for.

Thank you for visiting and we invite you to support our Shop from Britain campaign by sharing this post or website with friends and family.


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