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Thinking of doing a bit of UK online shopping? You have come to the right place!  Here at UKDIRECT we offer you an easy way to compare and quickly shop from Top British Brands and High Street retailers throughout the UK. The UKDIRECT site is completely free for you to use and do a spot of online shopping UK wide. Benefit from official discounts and sales offered directly to you from our promoted stores. Cut out the middleman and save, whilst discovering and supporting British businesses directly. We are at the forefront of the @ShopFromBritain campaign and whether you are in the UK or anywhere else in the world, this is the place to be for UK online shopping for:

It is the nature of the internet that we have to write long articles for you to find us on the search engines. Below I quickly inform you how the site works and make recommendations depending on the device you are using which way to carry out your UK online shopping using this site,  If however you are a “suck it and see” sort of person, let’s initially cut to the chase for you:

How to use the UKDIRECT for UK online shopping:

If you are on a PC or a laptop you can navigate the whole site easily from the top bar above.

Where to find main navigation bar when browsing on Laptop or PC

If you are on Mobile, Smartphone or Tablet; simply click on the red menu square button bottom right to expand the navigation menu.

Where to find main navigation bar when browsing on Smartphone or Mobile Device

To start your UK online shopping expedition from our home page (or to return to it from wherever you are on the site), simply click on the UKDIRECT.NET logo at the top of your screen.

How to return to the Home Page while browsing UKDIRECT

We offer you many ways to shop. Depending on what device you are using and the time you wish to spend discovering great British products and brands. We therefore offer you a choice of shopping options:

Our Top Picks list of our best UK online shopping sites is the simplest and quickest way to get straight to it. Quickly access a curated list of our UK online shopping sites who offer what you are looking for. Find top picks for many categories, where you can simply click through directly to take a look at what is on offer and discover what direct deals are available to you today. The list was developed with Smartphone users in mind but can of course be used on any device.

The All Stores A-Z section likewise is quick and easy to use. Quickly find the complete list of the 120+ stores available with us for online shopping in the UK. This list is particularly useful when returning back to a store you have previously visited or just to take a quick look up front at the diverse selection available. You can decide to enhance your UK online shopping experience from there by clicking on the other options in the navigation bar, or simply clicking on the name of store in the list to visit directly.

Our “Shop Now” section offers you the ability to quickly see a curated list of products from some of our featured UK stores. It is made up of products appearing in the “Take a Peek” Section in our portfolio of stores. The amount  of products is limited and to properly shop more than a million products available here you should consider using the “browse by category” method detailed below. However if you are on a phone or want to quickly see a small selection of defined UK products, this is the way to go. To do so, click on “Shop Now” on the navigation bar. The Shop Now Page will open where you can quickly define your search by clicking on “Refine Products” and then choosing from the list provided. (A note to mobile users: if your phone offers a text search box here you are better to ignore it, use the list) you then have the option to sort the products by price if you wish (do this last). If you like a product on offer or think it is in your price range for example, you can then click through to see further details and then click through to the store to purchase directly or see the full range that store has on offer. There may well be a similar item in there you like even more or which is on a flash sale! It’s a curated list to give you an idea, for a much larger selection click through to the store from a product you like to shop further.

 The Browse by Category section is for those who want to take an online walk down the UK High Street and do some serious shopping. All stores with us have a profile page in our portfolio of stores where we provide details of what each specific store offers, the cost of shipping, available discount codes and a “take a peak” selection of products (where available) for a spot of window shopping. To use this section of the site, go to “Browse by Category” then click on the main category you are interested in. That category page will load and you then have the option to refine your search (where available).  Say you are looking for a new dress: Choose “women” or “women’s clothing” then refine your search for “dresses”. You will then be offered a detailed list of all the stores in our portfolio of stores who offer dresses (there are many!) You can then choose the stores you like the look of by their brief description and click through to take a closer look at their profile page. This all takes a bit of time of course, so if you are on your phone or in a rush and get a bit impatient, simply click on one of the other options on the navigation bar for instant British online shopping fulfilment. If you do have the time however this is by far the best UK online shopping experience we offer.

The “Find Shopping Deals” section is just that, the place to go to find Discount Coupons  ,  Free Shipping Deals and Current Sales Promotions. These will also be detailed on the profile page of a store If you are browsing by category so don’t worry, you won’t miss out, however for those who want to quickly get an idea of the place to go for current bargains it may be your first choice section to visit. Flash one day sales are not listed here however, to access these you will need to use one of the above methods of online shopping in the UK. (Please be aware for coupon codes in particular to work you will need to have pop ups allowed and all cookies enabled).

So thank you for visiting UKDIRECT and we hope we can assist you in UK online Shopping. We have spent most of 2019 promoting British brands and high street businesses to allow you to quickly find what you are looking for and buy direct with our Shop from Britain campaign. This article and other related articles regarding UK online shopping are also available to read in our Blog.

Heading into 2020 and beyond it has never been so important to support our British brands, entrepreneurs and retailers who directly finance the country’s economy. Other international marketplaces (you know the ones) do not do this as I am sure you are aware, whilst also charging merchants high fees with little brand awareness.  We set out on a mission many months ago to make a difference and offer a way for you the customer to be able to do some online shopping UK wide and save all around by buying direct. We do not charge a businesses to appear on the site and it is an equal playing field for all, big or small, from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in our United Kingdom. There is also no extra charge for you in any way by using the UK direct site. Indeed as official promoters of our stores we can offer you discounts from our merchants you might not otherwise discover. Should you decide to make a purchase a merchant does give us a small commission however, which pays for the maintenance of the site and keeps the lights on. If you do we thank you for it 🙂

So enough of the waffle, I am sure by now my audience is made up of robots but if not I encourage you to commence your UK online Shopping by any of the methods detailed above or if in doubt start from our UKDIRECT.NET homepage,  Happy Shopping!