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Your big day is on horizon and all you can think of now is… THE. DRESS.

While you may have once dreamed of being the starry-eyed bride princess, trying on thirty versions of tulle and lace might not look (or feel) as good as what you’d hoped! Dry your eyes and dip your toes into this surprising pond of purity. Pure simplicity, pure style, pure comfort!

Yes lace is lovely and beading is beautiful, but having a dress that weighs less than you do is going to take a weight off your mind when you’re waltzing in the spotlight. We love Blaze from JARLO because it is perfect for the bride with stunning wedding accessories, heirloom jewellery or precious keepsakes to compliment the subtle and elegant lines of the dress.

The true beauty of this choice that it allows the most important thing to shine uninterrupted – you!

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From exquisite bridal gowns to gorgeously embellished bridesmaid dresses, JARLO refreshes its timeless styles with a fashion-forward twist. Have a look yourself.

 Authored by wicked wordsmith and fashion virtuoso; Kelly Reed