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Boden create clothes to live on in your wardrobe and stay out of landfill and committed to creating a healthy working environment for everyone involved in their making
Boden Sustainable Brand

Do you love clothes that last?

Boden is not about faddish fast fashion. Their quality promise is “made to last”. With a wide and deep commitment to fit, comfort and quality tests on all product before their clothing lines are released, you can be assured of longevity and value of your purchases.

In addition they offer a repair service to hem, darn and stitch any imperfections that may arise. Introducing care: repair: rewear. In the unlikely event that something falls short in a Boden garment, customers are able to drop it into one of their stores in the UK and they will repair it within the 365-day guarantee.

Where are Boden clothes made?

The proud British brand is designed at Boden House in London with 151 (at the time of writing) factories across 15 countries, all selected for their skill, experience, healthy work environment and work ethics. Their materials are sourced from various locations starting close to home in the UK; with tweed mills of Yorkshire to the cobblers of Portugal, silk from China, embroidery and artisanal shoemakers from India.

Responsible & Sustainable Initiatives

More than 80% of Boden's clothing collections are made with cotton as the raw material, and they are not unaware of the environmental impact. As a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world) they are actively supporting more sustainable farming practices across the globe.

At their Leicester warehouse, the hub where most products are packaged, they have a zero-landfill policy and recycle a vast majority of their materials.

There are a lot more details about their sustainable practices available on the Boden website to explore.

Boden is about Community

In addition to supporting various charities, they also donate unsold clothes to community organisations such as Scope and others who distribute them to countries in need.
They’re making an impact in the US too and have donated over 14,000 items to US charity partner M25M so far, aiding victims of disaster worldwide.

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